CCF Annual Inspection – an ON and an RAF Chinook

Ft Lt Richard Elford (ON 1992 – 1999) – right – played a very important role in this year’s CCF Annual Inspection Day.  He piloted a Chinook HC3 from its base at RAF Odiham, Hampshire to Staffordshire where the inspection day was taking place.  He then arranged for boys (and staff, including the Headmaster,) to take flights in the helicopter.

Many thanks to Richard for showing his support for his old school in this way.

The Chinook is a very capable and versatile support helicopter that can be operated in many diverse environments ranging from cold weather ‘arctic’ conditions to desert warfare operations. It has been involved in most of the recent UK operations such as the Falklands Conflict, Northern Ireland, the Gulf War, peace keeping in Bosnia, Kosovo operations, evacuation of Sierra Leone, operations in Iraq and more recently, in Afghanistan.

The RAF operates the largest fleet of Chinook Support Helicopters after the US Army, with a total of 34 HC2s, 6 HC2As and 8 HC3s (the HC3 has yet to enter operational service).