Class of 2011 – nearly there!

The Class of 2011 are nearly at the end of their time at Nottingham High School.  For a few it is the end of a two year stint, for the majority the end of a much longer association with the School.  Whichever, next Thursday will mark the end of their school days and the start of their life as Old Nottinghamians.  They will become members of an elite group of gentlemen who all have one thing in common – an education at Nottingham High School. 

We are proud of the diversity, breadth of knowledge and outstanding achievements of our Old Nottinghamians as they carry the reputation and spirit of Nottingham High School with them to all corners of the globe.  From teachers, scientists, medical professionals, politicians and lawyers to elite sportsman, charity workers, novelists, actors, civic and business  leaders and entrepreneurs , Old Nottinghamians have been making a difference to the world we live in for nearly 500 years.

Class of 2011 – you are no different from any other year group;  value what you have, and go on to make the most of your life.  We are genuinely interested in following your progress and would like to hear from you. We wish you well – please do stay in touch! 

Class of 2011: Your year group and class photos are now on  flickr